Day 4: Goal Setting to Get Ahead in 2019

Now that we’ve got our home, digital space, and finances under control we can focus our attention on making some plans for the year to come.

I don’t believe in resolutions because they’ve always struck me as this abstract thing you hope to happen. They never seem to have any real action behind them. Goal setting, however, is not only about identifying the end result but also making the plan to get you there. I can speak from experience that this kind of thing does actually work. When my husband and I decided to move to BC almost 7 years ago, I set a 5-year career goal for myself and mapped out a plan to get there. 5 years later, almost to the day, I walked into the training class for that job. Goal setting has served me well in big and small ways and I’m excited to share the strategies that I’ve found to be most effective.

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Day 3: Budget Checkup


It’s day 3 of the 5 Day Reset Challenge and today it’s all about money, honey.

January is a great time to review your finances and make sure you’ve got a solid plan in place for the year ahead. Even if you’re already diligent with your budgeting, it never hurts to give it a once-over, especially if your financial picture or lifestyle has changed.

While a complete financial overhaul is something that may take time, there are a few easy things you can do right now to set yourself up for success in 2019.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a financial expert and encourage you to consult with your financial planner regarding your own personal situation. These are simply strategies that have worked for me in my own life. Use at your own risk.

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Day 2: Digital Declutter

Welcome to day 2 of the 5 day reset challenge!

If you missed day 1, where we worked on decluttering our physical space, you can catch up by clicking here.

Today we’re focusing on a digital declutter. This kind of clutter is sneaky because we don’t see it all the time, but it’s still taking up space in our lives. But don’t worry. I’ve got a 5 step attack plan to get your digital spaces and devices feeling good as new for 2019.

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Day 1: Declutter Your Physical Space

Welcome to day 1 of my 5 day reset challenge.

They say that your home is a reflection of your state of mind and, I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely the case for me. When my mind is cluttered, my space becomes cluttered and vice versa. It’s a vicious cycle that just starts to feed itself. Whenever I feel like I need to get my shit together, I start by decluttering my physical space. This could be your house, condo, bedroom, or even your workspace. Getting clutter out of sight is the perfect way to set the stage for your 2019 reset.

How you approach this task really depends on the size and state of your space at the current moment, as well as how much time you have to spend. I’m not a naturally neat person, as my husband and my parents can attest to, so I like to do the cursory full house declutter from top to bottom. If you’re already pretty neat, you might use this time to take a deep dive into that forgotten closet or storage space that could use some love. Whatever you decide on, here are my tips to get your place in shape for the new year.

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A Sassy Classy Holiday Playlist

Christmas Music Spotify

I love the holidays.

The festivities, the food and, most of all, the music. I was raised Catholic, though I’m not practicing anymore (another story for another day) and I have many fond childhood memories of getting to Christmas mass early to sing carols. I would put on my fancy Christmas dress, (which probably featured puffy sleeves, shoulder pads, and a giant bow) and sing my heart out. And while my musical taste (and spiritual beliefs) have changed over the years, my love for holiday music remains. 

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