Anti-Haul #1

what i'm not gonna buy

If you’ve read my Latest Loves post from December, you know that I’ve been loving Kimberly Clark’s anti-haul videos on YouTube (what she’s not gonna buy-hiiii!). Since I’m starting a no-buy in March (more on that in an upcoming post), I thought I’d kick it off by going through some of the beauty launches that have been popping up in my inbox and Instagram feed and share why I’ll be passing on them. It can be really tempting to give into the hype of every new palette, lipstick, or [insert-anything-limited-edition-here], so sometimes it’s helpful to deconstruct that hype and realize that, no, you don’t really need another neutral blush or pretty highlighter. I’m working on being a more conscious consumer and really evaluating items before I pull the trigger. Total disclaimer – these are my personal opinions. You may be really excited about some of these new launches or have these items on your must haves list and that’s cool! I’ll just be passing them by for now.


 So, there are a few reasons I’m passing on this. First of all, at $52.00 (CAD), this is just more than I’m prepared to spend on highlighter since I really don’t wear it that often. These shades are beautiful, but I feel like they’re a little too dark for my super fair skin. Also, I have no need for 6 shades. I’d rather drop coin on one shade I’ll get a lot of use out of than a palette where I’m not in love with all of the colours and the rosy hues feel close to Becca Champagne Pop which I already own. While Anastasia’s original glow kit formula is really nice (I’ve swatched it in store) the reviews on their limited edition palettes have been mixed so I’m not sure how the formula of this palette compares. Given that it’s limited edition, it’s likely to fly off the shelves, but there’s nothing in here that’s so unique that I’m dying to have it. Pass!


Real talk – this one almost got me. It’s $46 CAD which is ridiculously expensive, but man does it ever look beautiful. I own two Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed powders (Opal and Champagne Pop) and I really love the formula. I love the look of this cool, pinky-purple shade. It’s pretty, unique, and something I don’t already own. So why am I not buying it? After reading through the reviews, there were a lot of comments about the colour, formula and staying power of this highlighter not being up to par. For $46, I expect this to basically apply itself and make me look flawless with minimal effort. If I’m still in the mood for a purple highlight after March, I may pick up Celestial from Makeup Geek ($20 USD), Monster from ColourPop ($8 USD), or the NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in  Lavender ($11 CAD).



My decision to pass on these has less to do with this particular product and more to do with liquid lipstick in general.  I’ve tried jumping on this trend and own a couple from different brands (smashbox, Too Faced, and Kat Von D), but I just have to admit to myself that I don’t like liquid lipstick. I’m a cream lipstick girl, through and through. If liquid lipstick’s your thing though, word on the street is that these have a really nice formula and are less drying than most.


Sorry, Too Faced, but I’m just not into this collection. It feels too young and too gimmicky and I really can’t stand the scent of the sweet peach palette. While I love a good peachy blush, I already own Milani Luminoso which is less expensive and the rest of the collection just doesn’t do it for me.


This is another product that I was really excited about when I initially saw it. The colours look beautiful (especially those berry shades), the packaging is chic, and I was fully on board to buy this baby. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the release of this palette, as Tarte sent a host of influencers to Bora Bora to showcase the palette on social media. I can agree that it’s hard to believe a review of a product might not be at least subconcsiously influenced by the fact that the brand just sent you on a trip to paradise, nevermind the fact that they didn’t have to pay for it. I’ve never been a huge fan of the tarte eyeshadow formula (I had 2 palettes that I passed on to better homes) and the reviews of this do say that they’re muddy and difficult to blend, as well as powdery with a lot of fallout.  At $69 CAD, I’m passing on this.

So what do you think – did I get it wrong? Are any of these items on your ‘must haves’ list? What items are you passing on?  Share in the comments below!

(And don’t forget to check out the fabulous Kimberly Clark for more anti-haul goodness)