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    Declutter Your Fantasy Self

    self care sunday

    For the past few years I’ve been focusing on downsizing the amount of ‘stuff’ I own. It started with creating a capsule wardrobe and progressed to anti-hauls and decluttering my makeup collection. We recently moved house and I’m blown away by the number of things that we were able to let go of with little effort. The shift towards a more minimalistic lifestyle has been really positive. Living with less has made me feel so much lighter. So when I saw a video in my YouTube feed about decluttering the ‘fantasy self’, I was all in (thanks Allison Anderson!).

    Your fantasy self is an idealized version of you. It represents who you want to be or think you should be as opposed to your true, authentic self. The basic gist of it is, we end up holding on to all kinds of crap in order to support the lifestyle of our fantasy self without even realizing it. This idea was really intriguing to me and I thought it would be interesting to figure out who my fantasy self is and what she’s keeping in my house.

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    Latest Loves – December 2016

    Welcome to the first edition of a series I’m calling ‘Latest Loves’. I didn’t want to commit to a monthly favourites post, because some months I just don’t have that many exciting things to share. You’ll see these posts pop up whenever I’ve got something new to tell you about. Want to know what I’ve been into lately? Read on!

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    Join the Fashion Revolution

    Today marks the 3 year anniversary of one of the most horrific workplace atrocities the garment industry has ever seen. On April 24, 2013 Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1100 workers and causing many more to be injured, some having to sever their own limbs to escape. If that’s hard for you to read (I know it was and still is for me), I encourage you to do some research about fast fashion and where your clothes come from. There’s a cost to your $4 t-shirt and it may be more than you bargained for. Having said that, this problem is not exclusive to fast fashion. There are a number of brands with higher price points who also manufacture their goods in factories with less than ideal labour conditions and wages. In fact, a lot of companies are so disconnected from the manufacturing process that they may not have any idea what kind of conditions their products are being made in (ignorance is bliss).

    As a consumer I didn’t know and, admittedly, wasn’t doing much to look into it. I was all about my cheap yoga pants, hoodies, and jeans. Sure, they’d wear out in a couple of months but then I’d just toss them and get a new pair! No big deal, right? Wong. I actually cringe at the thought of this now. Brands that I wear, that I’ve promoted on this very site, produced clothing at that factory (I’m looking at you, Joe Fresh). Really taking the time to think about this made me feel sick to my stomach.

    Right now I imagine you’re thinking something like “Ok Amanda, I hear you loud and clear from that soapbox, but what can I honestly do to fix this?”

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