Inkwell Press Planner – A5 Classic

inkwell press A5 classic

While I love technology as much as the next person, there’s something about a paper planner that just makes my heart happy. Sitting down to intentionally plan out my week helps me feel settled, organized, and ready to get shit done. I’ve been using some variation of the Inkwell Press Livewell Planner for the past three years now and I really can’t see myself using anything else. Their product line has expanded considerably and includes (among other things) meal and fitness planners, desktop calendars, post-it notes, stickers, and pencils . Not only are the products top notch, but Tonya who owns and runs Inkwell Press just comes across as the sweetest, most genuine person who truly cares about her customers. I get a lot of questions about my planner, so I thought I’d give you a little peek inside. Even if you’re not in the market for a planner, I’d encourage you to sign up for the Inkwell Press mailing list. Tonya sends a beautiful FREE desktop and phone wallpaper every month (did I mention it’s free?). If you want to see inside this pretty planner, keep reading!

I should start by saying that I’ve used the bound and A5 versions of the planner. The A5 suits me best but if the bound is your thing, let me just tell you that the covers and rings are amazing. I carried mine in my bag every day and it showed minimal wear and tear. The covers wipe clean easily with a damp cloth so you never need to worry about keeping it with you. All of the planners are made with the same heavy, incredible 140 GSM paper. If you’re a stationary nerd like me, it’s a dream.

For the past two years I’ve been using my Nude Patent Filofax Original. Last year I used the  IWP Flex Layout, but this year I’m into the Classic. It just works better for me and the way I like to plan, but both are great. All of the Inkwell Press planners feature the honeycomb mission board and this year they’ve added an additional monthly page for planning and goal setting. I love the daily habit tracker as well as the ‘focus’ area that I see myself using for quotes or personal mantras for the month.

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The monthy spread is clean and simple and the addition of the ‘top 5’ in the notes section is a nice touch. It’s a great way to see your priorities at a glance.

This is the first year that the Classic layout has been available in an A5 format and it doesn’t dissapoint. It has the same writing space as the columns in the larger bound planners which I really appreciate. One drawback is that Saturday and Sunday have significantly less space devoted to them, so if those tend to be your busier days you may prefer the Flex. I tend to split my weekdays in half and use the top half for work tasks and the bottom half for personal items. The planner has small dots marking the midway point making it easy to draw a line or separate with some pretty washi tape. I’m currently using the coloured bottom boxes for dinner, home, and workout tasks, but you could easily use them for different family members or whatever else suits your needs. Those pretty blog post stickers in my layout were custom made for me by Katy at LucKaty. She has a ton of beautiful sticker sets for the Inkwell Press planner.

The beginning of the planner features a yearly goal tracker, which allows you to set big yearly goals and then break them down into smaller quarterly goals to help keep you on track. I’ve redacted some of my goals because I don’t want to share them just yet, but here’s a taste of what’s on my agenda for this year.

Some of the other great extra features that I love include the notes pages, trip planner, book, movie, and gift lists. Tonya also offers free downloads on the IWP site to help you customize your planner. The monthly bill tracker is one I use and would recommend.

To top it all off, you get pretty gold dividers with a different quote for each month and an inkling. The inkling is a random letterpress card with a message just for you. This year I got ‘Be Fearless’. Last year’s A5 planners came with a smaller inkling which you can see peeking out of the top left corner of my filofax, but I was happy to see a full size version included with the A5 this year.

The A5 inserts retail for $34 (USD). They do offer international shipping through Boderlinx but, if you’re a Canadian like me who lives on the US border, I’d recommend shipping it to the US if at all possible.

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*This is an affiliate link and I’ll receive store credit if you purchase through it. Win-win!

Are you a paper or digital planner? Let me know how you’re staying on track and organized for 2017 in the comments below!