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    Friday Five – Bullshit Beauty Products

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    Sometimes I have a hard time believing the crap that the beauty industry tries to convince us to buy. The other day while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across a promo shot of a product that made me roll my eyes so hard that I felt compelled to make this post. I let out an audible “c’mon son!” when I saw the price tag, promises, and list of comments from people eager to shell out their hard-earned cash for a product that was pretty well guaranteed to disappoint. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and skin care products and I’ve certainly given in to the hype in my time (I’m looking at you Urban Decay Naked Heat palette), but the products I’m going to list today are next-level silly. If you have oodles of money burning a hole in your pocket and these are your favourite things, that’s cool. You do you. But for the rest of you, I invite you to peruse this list and think about what you’re really getting the next time you pick up a hyped or expensive product. Drumroll please……

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    Anti-Haul #1

    what i'm not gonna buy

    If you’ve read my Latest Loves post from December, you know that I’ve been loving Kimberly Clark’s anti-haul videos on YouTube (what she’s not gonna buy-hiiii!). Since I’m starting a no-buy in March (more on that in an upcoming post), I thought I’d kick it off by going through some of the beauty launches that have been popping up in my inbox and Instagram feed and share why I’ll be passing on them. It can be really tempting to give into the hype of every new palette, lipstick, or [insert-anything-limited-edition-here], so sometimes it’s helpful to deconstruct that hype and realize that, no, you don’t really need another neutral blush or pretty highlighter. I’m working on being a more conscious consumer and really evaluating items before I pull the trigger. Total disclaimer – these are my personal opinions. You may be really excited about some of these new launches or have these items on your must haves list and that’s cool! I’ll just be passing them by for now.

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    Latest Loves – December 2016

    Welcome to the first edition of a series I’m calling ‘Latest Loves’. I didn’t want to commit to a monthly favourites post, because some months I just don’t have that many exciting things to share. You’ll see these posts pop up whenever I’ve got something new to tell you about. Want to know what I’ve been into lately? Read on!

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