Valentine’s Day Sweet Treat Round-Up

Ah, Valentine’s day. The day people love to love or love to hate. While I’ve personally been on the receiving end of a romantic gesture or two, overall I’m not much for this Hallmark holiday. It’s too much expectation and fanfare for my liking, so my husband and I usually keep it low key. (fun fact: being at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is my idea of the ninth circle of hell.)

Something I can definitely get behind though are delicious, Instagram worthy treats and, in that regard, Valentine’s Day does not disappoint! Since they typically need to be made in batches, I like to keep some for me and the hubs and bring the rest to the office. No matter how your co-workers feel about V-day, a sweet treat is bound to put a smile on their face.

Keep reading to see some of my favourite picks from around the web. Whether you’re a chocolate lover, candy lover, or somewhere in between, I’m sure that something on this list will tickle your fancy!

Do you have any tried and true Valentine’s Day treats? Share them in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@sassyclassylife) to see which one I decided to whip up!


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